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Virtual Culturally Specific Counseling/EMDR

* Healingspaces 4u has now expanded into the Lexington, KY area

Opening Doors…Removing Barriers

Hi, I’m Sarita!

I created healingspaces4u to provide therapeutic spaces for healing practitioners and therapy clients. 

After COVID restricted in-person sessions, I shifted my focus from leasing space to now providing Virtual therapy and EMDR consultation in both Oregon and Kentucky. Please see the EMDR Consultation page for more information.

I offer counseling services to Black/African-American, POC, and individuals experiencing transition who are seeking to find increased insight about emotional health, help with transitions, and peace. I also see those who choose to build a therapy relationship with me (and  who fits Outpatient Mental Health Level of Care). I am LGBTQIA2+ friendly. I specialize in ADD, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma healing, and Adjustment issues.  I am a client centered therapist who will work with you to carve out the life you desire.  

A Space of Healing and Peace

*Accepting new clients... 

Providing Help and Guidance

*If you are seeking counseling services, you may use this site to request a free 15 minute consultation with me.

Learn More About Me